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Christopher Casuga
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Christopher Casuga Noisy, riffy rock music doesn't often sound serene and majestic, but MegaMaul found a way to do it. Pounding, dynamic drums, huuuge-sounding chords, and nimble and thunderous bass runs. Oh, and man, does that Scott Picco have a voice. Favorite track: Textile Hero.
Conan Neutron
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Conan Neutron Crushingly awesome Chavez/Torche goodness. Massive hooks and power for days. Also: winner of best band name for 2015. Favorite track: Textile Hero.
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MegaMaul's first EP. 6 songs, 24 minutes of introductory rocking.


released March 6, 2015

Brian Pennington: Guitars
Scott Picco: Drums & Vocals
Jeff Fox: Bass

All songs written and arranged by MegaMaul.

Lyrics by Scott Picco. Last four lines of "Swan Songs" inspired by "The Silver Swan by Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625).

Instruments tracked @ MegaMaul HQ in Chicago, IL. Vocals recorded at Casa de Picco.

Mixed by Jon San Paolo & MegaMaul
@ Burn The Furniture in Chicago, IL

Mastered by Bob Weston
@ Chicago Mastering Service in Chicago, IL

Extra special thanks to Gregoire Yeche for equipment loaning and general advice and being awesome.

All Art by Nicholas Pyle, 2015.



all rights reserved


MegaMaul Chicago, Illinois

MegaMaul is a new rock band has been born in the great city of Chicago. Rock faithfuls Scott Picco (Bear Claw), Brian Pennington (Lardo, Radiant Republic) and Jeff Fox (Hungry Man, Gay Name) have come together to spawn "MegaMaul" as follows:

Brian Pennington: Guitar

Scott Picco: Drums & Vocals

Jeff Fox: Bass
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Track Name: This Rapport
You fracture my house
Part as the hostage
Unrelenting specter

I ask, all the time
What should I've done now
Stench of repetition

The blame, it holds me up
Confines me nicely
Ego in its hay day

You know, my only number, given when we formed
Stare at, the random bleeding, the valves are tagged out
Smash down, my insurrection, It's almost bled out
This rapport is such that, you control, everything escaping

In the stockade that we, assembled, ex-tractable brain-teaser
Slash you off my spine with, bravado, on my chest, instantly
This rapport is such that, we destroy, the sum of, impending
This rapport, is everything, it's everything, our everything.

This rapport, is collapsing, it's collapsing, our collapsing,
I'm collapsing, We burst…


Can't you understand that you're me as well as that I am always you, we are one
Push and pull and tear and bite and, claw and punch and scream and run, you'll get nowhere

Stare at, the random bleeding, the valves are tagged out
Smash down, my insurrection, We’ve almost bled it out!
Track Name: Textile Hero
He’s forming a place in line like concrete
Arrived from a port of anyone’s guess
An impromptu escape was almost found here

His problems are so much larger than yours
The sweat on his brow has a cheap vodka nose
His error of entitlement finding a fight… with us all!

He’s selfish in every single aspect
His time has the weight of solid gold bricks
He relishes the chance to be a fat prick… to us all!

So here comes the movement to split from us all
Ten feet of ignorance and he’ll be right through
Huffing and puffing he lumbers his move

Be he didn’t count on…
A textile hero
Hiding in plain sight to take him right on

So he never observed….
That textile hero, planning to stay
And tear down his limbo with a violent strength…

Sprawled out across the hall he was
His ego and passport on the ground
500 pairs of eyes fixed on
The guards start their inquisition hard
Flapping lips with meaningless sound
He won’t talk his way out of it

A textile hero holding his court
The border extended far from his sight
Applause serve to guide him out of the room
Track Name: Swan Songs
We all fall for it
A snake, oil ancient pitch, cause we love
To romance ourselves
A strong, lie circumvents, what we can’t
Allow our mind to grip
A flaw, fatal to our ship, so we fly
Without parachutes
Head first, into nothingness

And so we fly, too fast, too close, around the sun, we burn. We pass it off, we've got, the time, to wait for swan songs

So fixed, on present tense, cause we love
Courting our legacy
Disguised, anxiety, that we won’t
Confess, our souls to bear
A weight, insupportable, by mere man
Who vilifies the facts
Heads so far up our ass

And so we fly, too fast, too close, around the sun, we burn. We pass it off, we've got, the time, to wait for swan songs

We will forever fly, too fast, too close, around the sun, we burn. We’ll always put it off, we've got, the time, to wait for swan songs

Farewell all joys man
Death comes close mine eyes
More geese than swans live
More fools that us wise
Track Name: Tunnel Rat
He charges into battle, mercilessly, fearlessly
On top his biologic, transportation machine
Approaching them as cattle, slaughtering, harvesting
Defending all he holds so, close to him, dear to all

Without any regard to, odds or chance
He grasps his sword with strength like, their machines

Thousands of fellow comrades, cut to bits, by one machine
He looks to redefine the, concept of, insanity
Layers of fire surrounding his steed
For the first time he feels a, slice of doubt

Here it comes! The barrage!
Burned and bloodied! Into the hole!

Even with modern power here
You’re still faced with a simple hole

Why, don’t you come on in. Where, walls are living knives
They burn it all, we’ll tunnel down
Try, to see your way round here. With, no light to feed your eyes
We need to feed
Your flesh fills needs

He charges into battle, with machines

Don’t you know, that you’re just, a tunnel rat
Don’t you know, that we’re both, tunnel rats, tunnel rats
Track Name: The Planck Length
Scales are quite small here
You might think it wouldn't count
Fixed position here
At the same time over there
If you look closely
You will find us at the Planck
God’s a fan of rolling dice

Space fills the everything, We’ll bend most anything
Force of the relative, Time cures like gelatin

Hiding in the curls
Of impossible 3-D
Random bounce occurs
You “decide” to change your life
Forces around here
Born from sins of density
Snake eyes coming up
Space keeps running from itself

Mass enslaved gravity, Time is a speed junkie
Named as Cosmology, It’s simply reality

Robust theology, gives way to prodigy
Orbit of mercury, Rewrites our history

Nothing moves faster
Noting moves faster
Track Name: Flying Fortress
Rivers of fuel flow to their arms
Slicing the air lifts men up high
Speeding to a place never seen
Raining murder from an airplane

Walking through the sky, guns pointed from all our sides
One man gazes down, ants scatter about the ground
One touch will end lives, their bombs exploding outside
Few precious seconds, payloads will be delivered

A flying fortress, ant cannons point towards the sky
Our air swords falter, supporting the horizon
We avenge revenge, everyone is justified
No one ever sees, the lives they tear to pieces

Bombs always find friends

No one, can do, Nothing, Bombs always find friends

No one, can do but they simply will not, bombs always find friends

No one allows themselves to think, can do but they simply will not, nothing! Bombs always find friends, war always finds a way